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David Smith
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This is a dream I had in November 2015.  I think is is reral - needs consideration.  BTW... it is great to find this site and renew old friendships.  David

Pilgrims Resurrected: Dream

by David Michael, [email protected]


In the early morning of the 20th of November 2015, I found my self dreaming I was in a very large warehouse. In this warehouse, sections were partitioned off where all manner of craft and art was invented, designed and made. There were perhaps 50-100 artisans in this massive warehouse with each doing their own craft in their own shop area divided off by tall shelves and wire see-through walls. Each artisan was self-employed yet this was a single organization and structured as a guild of artisans.

I was in a fine wood working shop area making harps. I think this was my shop in this 'great hall of artisans' and I was joined by a few others in my shop who also made fine wood products.

A man came up to me when I was working and told me he was wanting to write an article about me in the Acts 29 Newspaper. I then looked at him and noticed he was about age 30 and then mentioned I had worked for a time on the original Acts 29 Newspaper providing some photographs. He said he had worked in the original paper as well but I thought he was too young to have done so. In the dream I suggested a title for the article, “Pilgrim Revival Begins Again.” The writer who had not experienced the revival of the 1970's now over 45 years ago looked somewhat blank in considering this title. I knew he had not experienced the revival of the Jesus People of the 70's through 80's in Hawaii. He was simply too young. We debated for a while on the title and finally he decided to watch me and write an article of his own making based on how I made harps. He missed the whole point of the massive warehouse and the artiscans and they as the Fellowship of Christian Pilgrims being resurrected from the dead to live again.

I then awoke.

What I understand God is telling me from this dream is the following.


1. The Fellowship of Christian Pilgrims will again become important in the coming Revival that begins now! Begins on the 20th of November, 2015. The door is now open for this to happen.

2. The structure of this resurrected mission of the Pilgrims is to be strictly developed in the manner of an Artisan Guild where each man does his own work before God. It does allow for a sharing certain common resources as this is possible. The warehouse was a common facility shared by many as would be community farms and other facilities.

3. It is the older Pilgrims who had experienced the anointing of God fall in revival and participated in the movement of the 1970's that will guide this Hawaii revival and not the new younger generation who have no experience in such things. They will say they will know what a revival is but do not.

4. This revival in Hawaii will blossom and develop into the final great harvest that will sweep the world. Like a fire, the revival will spread to other areas and they will catch fire thus bringing in the great harvest.

5. This final harvest is to begin in selected places around the world as the Holy Spirit would lead from the pure preaching/teaching of the Word by anointed Teachers and Prophets on the ways of God with Power with miracles following.


This was a very unexpected dream since the Pilgrims as an active fellowship that began in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 1971 has been in mothballs and only preserved in the memories of its former members since its decline in the late 1980's. It is amazing to me God would want to resurrect this mission that was once very effective reaching out to the fringe of society to bring them to a place of total commitment to YHWH in Y'Shua (Jesus). In the 1970's and 80's, it served the hippie generation then called Jesus Freaks who had escaped the controlling ideals of the modern world and who sought the true God. They did not seek wealth and influence as their means of self worth and identity.

Today, the mission of the Pilgrims is to rise from the grave and continue to reach out to the same kind of people who are now described by other names such as societal dropouts, Preppers, mountainmen, the intentional homeless, street people, drug abusers, the psychologically maladjusted and other such descriptive names. Some are even a new generation of hippies who have chosen to embrace the traditional values of the hippie movements of the 1960's and 70's.

Now has the day of salvation come to us. Now is the time to move in revival. Now is the time to prepare the storehouse for the souls who will come to Y'Shua. We have waited for many years wondering when the the time of revival would come again to the Islands of Hawaii. It is now time. Prayer...prayer and more prayer....prayer is now desperately needed to birth this revival.


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Stan Wiarda
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David can we have an update It is June 2016

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David Smith
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OK..... The Pilgrims is still the baby of Ken Smith (my Dad) so he claims the status of Presiding Elder of the Corporation, :"The Fellowship of Christain Pilgrims."  I was made an Elder once  - actually still have the paper that shows this but alas.   I am convinced that if the Pilgrims were to ever have life Again as acommunity, it would not be a church structure but a co-op of artisans who own their own companies and then choose to live together in community. 

I personally have gone the way of a mobile community that is developing into a biker club of prophets.  See ; I now live in Tombstone close to the Mexican Border.  Looks like something is developing to the south as many dreams have been giving to confirm this to me. 

I am building an mobile farms as an aquaponics sys5tem on a trailer to rfeed perhaps 12 people.  This is a good solution for growing food in the desert with added goats and chickens. 



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