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David Smith
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This is David the son of Ken Smith.  IN 1984, I was sent out as a 'Minister" of the Pilgrims by Ken Smith with a letter to establish a ministry in Hilo and to set up a bank account.  Through the years, I have gone a very different direction being ordained as a Syro-Chaldean Deacon under Pope John Paul II, then an Episcopal Priest and finally an Orthodox Bishop. 

Recently I had a dream that told me the Pilgrims would be ressurected by YHWH and be one of the end time missions for revival as the final revival before the return of Y'Shua.  The difference was in the structure of the Pilgrim ministry.  In the New Pillgrims, it was to be set up as a Guild of Artisans and not a Corporate Sole like it was in the 70's and 80's.  This Guild approach models the ancient School of the Prophets in the Old Testiment.  The ministry is the development of self-sufficient off-grid communes very much like the Pilgrim communes of the 70 and 80's before the venture of the Tradewinds shifted away from the mission of the simple ministry of evangelism, biblical teaching and deliverence with healing of the body, soul and spirit. 

The dream I had for the Pilgrims is here:

I would like to open a discussion on this topic.

Many Blessings,

Rt. Rev. David MH Smith, ThD

[email protected]


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