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In Dec. 1969 while exploring Hawaii I felt a call to come to Kona through Rev. Leon Sterling.

In Feb. 1971 Ann and I and 3 children arrived to begin the work of evangelism among the huge hippie population.  Brent Brody and came about 6 weeks before we did.  We slept out at Bean's beach for several weeks and then ended up camping on the Old Stone Church Property for about a year.  It was like a vortex of power in the Holy Spirit where it seemed we could do no wrong.  Actually, Our Father, in His great love was just patiently allowing us to get away with a lot of stuff that later we would come to see as missing the mark in His great love and mercy.  In those beginning years we published over a half million copies of Acts 29.  Personally,  I can see a lot of dumb stuff on my part but know now how the Father covers and gives grace as we grow and learn.  There was so much good that was done through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Yet now, I see how we could have done so much more if we had stayed closer to the Lord and His Word.  It was the closest that in my 54 years of being a Christian that I have come to seeing the Acts 5:16 Chruch come alive.  I have a lot more I could write but let me stop here with saying I would really love to see it happen again and really explore our Lord's Kingdom to the walls.  


And yes, for those of you who know me.  My wife, Ann,  graduated in 97 and I remarried Sue in 98...  Sue is a true, one of a kind,  Prov.31:10, Eph.5:22, 1 Pet.3 wife and I am truly blessed to still be around at 76.  God Bless you,  I love you all.   Ken

Please stop by if in Kona:  Would love to get out the Acts 29''s and the 35 slides.... I have thousands... somewhere.

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Reply Stan Wiarda
8:36 PM on January 10, 2014 
Dear brother Ken. it would be a blessing to see a full testimony of how the Lord used you through your life including all the days in Hawaii. My brother has just retired and was asking me about how Jesus moved in and through you. There is a new hunger to know and experience Acts 29. Thanks Ken, God bless you and Sue.
Reply Karen Meister
12:23 AM on January 21, 2012 
hi ken,
i've just read a few of your posts and want to say i appreciate your words, your wisdom and love of the Lord. you may or may not remember me, brian hoot, and our son zack. we're friends of richtor and susan, and were there around '90-91. (also '74-75, '93, and some later times that i don't think i saw you.) anyway, i just want to thank you for your kindness and good words, and focus on the kingdom of God. God bless you and Sue.
Reply fool 4 christ
5:21 AM on June 10, 2010 
Ken: Palawan is a jewel 24 hours by ship from manila and in fact closer to malasia than manila. It is true there are many white beaches here some can be bought for 30,000 dollars. ALL the high end hotels are off shore on islands close but never accessed by the locals. The city of Puerto Princess is a slum with 300,000 people living in squalor in shacks. The normal work load here is 7 days a week 13-13 hours a day for 2,000 to 6,000 pesos a month. That breaks down to $40-$120 a month and food is more expensive as it has to come from manila. So understand brother I have lived in a shack with snakes, bugs and lots of critters. There is a power brown out every second day which lasts 4-8 hours and last week we had a water brown out for 5 days. So no electricity, no water close to 100 degrees with insane humidity no screens no toilet and the hits keep on rolling. No brother this is not abound it is abase. I have been in the ocean once as the beaches are long wat away and it costs too much to get there. You said you might come here wekk brother I am sure if you can high roll you will like it but you would not be ablse to handle the life I live here and I am saying that for your good. get malaria pills as there is lots of it here a good snake bite kit would be a good investment as well. manila is one of the worst poverty stricken places on the planet it is disgusting at best I know I lived and ministered inthe gherttos for 7 months. One day is enough, have them take you to smokey mountain where thousands live on the garbage dump. Imagine watching someone picking up rancid chicken parts and with a mouth full of flies eating it and calling it dinner. I am a fool but rhe word says the last willbe first so I am smart to hang with the last. I will not be here lext week as I am heading back to canada where I have free medical. The brain surgery went wrong 3 years ago and I have 50 steel freight trains running through my head 24/7. the screaming is so far beyond insane and it never lets up never. I am planning to hit the airport in Toronto and go to emergency at the same hospital where there is a cutter who possibly can remove my inner ears to shut off the noise or go back inside my brain and cut the 8th cranial and shut it off. I am already deaf on one side from the last surgery and I will trade in hearing in both ears for quiet. I guess I have been a fool to come here as well as the last 3.5 years in Siberia etc winning many to Christ but hey I love Him more than life. I have racked down some of those I won to Christ suck as the Russian maffia bosses I used to buy TV time from in Moscow after I led them to the Lord I found out last years they left crime and have been p[reaching the Gospel for close to 20 years. Another crazy by he name of Anthony Lavey the son of Anton who started the church of satan and wrote the satanic bible I took him out of the church the night they were going to kill him as he would not take over, what a story buy he is still faithfull and weinning many from the dark side. I live for just one more in the door. My health is very bad at best. I am tiured beyond belief, broke as I land with nothing not even enough to get on my feet but He is faithful He has never let me down. Sure it has been hard but I can't find where paul had a gold American Express card and stayed in Marriotts. OK enough just didn't want to die having you thinking I am living the high life, that will come when I kiss the king.......JESUS
Reply Candice Leach Lentz
2:15 PM on April 29, 2010 
wow I wish I was still In Hawaa. No I was only there last year for 10days. don't know when I'll get to come back. would love to have a copy of Dr. royces book. Mail to:
6494 Meadow Pines
Rohnert Park
CA 94928

thanks and I hope You are both doing well!
Oh I was surprized to hear that dr. royce is still with us I guess I thought he was older than he really is.!
Reply Donna Hill
12:09 AM on April 21, 2010 
Hi Ken,

I am in San Diego and excited to be writing to you and Sue! I enjoy reading your posts and truly still get blessed by them!

I will never forget the true love of the brethren, your dedication, and how God used everyone to change my life while apart of the Pilgrims!

I have not found a church that could ever match the body ministry, gifts of the spirit and unity that was operating in the Fellowship of Christian Pilgrims!

It's amazing what God can do through us when we totally submit all our fears to Him!

God Bless you Ken,
Reply Sue & Ken Smith
5:16 AM on March 31, 2010 
My oh! ~ oh my! Randy Hill,
Will the supernatural ever not be a surprise.... Thailand. Wow!!!
So happy that you wrote and are on track for the Kingdom. I have a web file up: and in it I have a book that I wrote some time ago: "Keys To The Kingdom." In it is some of the stuff that I found effective in the 70's and on. I still have some of them left if you think you could use them? If I sell the Inn, might even come over and help out a bit. Seems I could have it sold in the next few months. I would love to work on another chapter for the Book of Acts. I have tried to be open to doing something here but seems most are busy with other things. It was wonderful when very few knew anything and you could pour in the N.T. in down to the toes. I am so very blessed to know that you are still out on the front lines of the battle for our King. Better to burn out any day than to rot out. Much love in Jesus, your brother Ken
Reply Randy Hill
3:48 AM on March 31, 2010 
Hi Ken:
I am in Thailand teaching the Word over here. I love teaching and do so every opportunity. I am working on seeding hopefully something greater in Thailand than that which we saw in Hawaii. Like you, that experience, though many mistakes were made, was the closest I have experienced to the Acts 5 model. But I see greater things coming. My desire is to see truly a working model of God's kingdom on earth. I do not find too many ears to hear that vision in the states right now, but I have right now through Thailand. I am ministering throughout the churches over here seeding for a revival that is based upon the kingdom being manifested in this little nation. The churches are eating it up and the fruit is already beginning.
I love you Ken. RANDY
Reply John Land
7:17 PM on August 30, 2009 
Reply Candice Leach Lentz
11:26 PM on August 3, 2009 
Reply Sue & Ken Smith
3:16 AM on June 12, 2009 
And further, Thanks Again! for lending me a swim fin at magic sands and telling me to swim across that really strong rip. You got to me and Josh just in time... Blessings, Ken
Reply Sue & Ken Smith
5:04 PM on May 13, 2009 
Aloha Bro. Bob
You, Bob, were always a hard headed delight. You always went for what you felt was right. You always told it the way you felt that it was, no guile... What ever places we found ourselves in the past that were negative, are gone in His great love and wonderful mercy. But I so enjoyed your life and your quest for the truth. I really don't remember much of the past, only high lights. Thank you so very much for taking me back to 1972 and the P.I. What a wonderful blessing we all had in the Holy Spirit as we sang together 1 Cor. 13 each week and simple tried to learn to do what we found to do in the New Testament. It was such a simple and powerful time in the Holy Spirit. Personally, I long to open up all of the remaining gifts of the Holy Spirit before I am really to go home. I feel we only got a little through the door into Kingdom Living. I sure long to explore the rest, don't you. Blessings in His great love, Ken
Reply Bob Boudreau
4:29 PM on May 13, 2009 
Aloha Ken, I was just browsing through the different posts here on this great web site that Milan started. You know it always starts the memories flowing. I felt that I should share with you the one memory that stands out to me more than any of them. It was the night in September 1972 when a totally desperate hippie walked into the store front church in Kealakekua. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as soon as I parked my jeep across the street and it only grew more intense as we came closer to the door. Alan Kaufman and Pat were with me. When we walked in we saw a group of long haired hippies and one guy with a nice aloha shirt and white pants. As I entered someone handed me a bible so that I could follow along with the teaching but half way through he came and took it away because I was arguing with you about what you were saying about Jesus and the bible. The Love of God overcame me that night. That love manifested it?s self through you that night. Instead of throwing me out you came to me after you finished speaking and told me that God had told you to pray for me. I reluctantly agreed and you proceeded to check the length of my limbs. Well to make the story a little shorter. I closed my eyes and prayed ?God if your real I want to believe? and I felt my whole skeletal structure straiten out and immediately knew that I was a child of the king. I looked across the room at Alan and he had a grin from ear to ear as he gave his life to the Lord too. I then looked at Pat who was standing by the door and when she saw the smile on my face she bolted out the door. You must have picked up on that exchange because you followed her out. After spending some time meeting my new family I walked over and peeked out the door and this is what I saw. The guy with the nice aloha shirt and white pants sitting on the ground, leaning against the rear wheel of my 1943 willies jeep, in the rain, leading Pat to the Lord. This is the memory that stands out above all the rest and it?s not even close. I have never forgotten that night, and I mean never. Nor will I. I wish that I could have been more mature in how I handled some of the issues we had to deal with but I wasn?t and for that I ask your forgiveness. I truly pray that God will bless all that you do with all the days you have to serve Him.

In Christ

Bob B
Reply [email protected]
2:04 PM on May 7, 2009 
Dear Ken,
Thank you so much for the books you sent. They will be a blessing to many. Thank you also for the other books. You may remember the last time I was in Hawaii 1973 or so, I was on my way to Holland. You gave me good council at that time. While I lived with a missionary couple on the island of Texel they turned me on to Derek Prnce books, thank you very much for them also. You will be hearing from me. Greatfully in Jesus Christ our Lord,Stan
Reply Sue & Ken Smith
11:16 PM on May 2, 2009 
Aloha Teri,
Good, no "special issues" and as far as wrong teaching or abuses... I have been working on those for better than 35 years now. Even the book I wrote only 6 years ago needs to be updated. It would seem that Christian Growth is very essential or death sets in.

As to the "Shepherding Movement" I just might be able to teach longer against it today that most anyone. And no, you never were one for hiding anything and I am sure you are much stronger in what you believe today than ever. Age tends to make us that way. So sound like we are clear, I truly hope so. Blessings in Jesus, Ken
Reply Teri King
9:54 PM on May 1, 2009 
"special issues". :) Nope, no "special" issues. Wrong teachings and abuses are not what I would term "special issues". And while such things may be forgiven, they need to be remembered enough to not go in that direction again and to better determine and live the True wisdom and Love of God.

I believe you when you say these things were not your intention. And I've no qualm with you Ken. I also don't think all the responsibility is in your hands either. First, the wrong teaching is in the hands of the leaders of the Shepherding Movement, then those who passed it on and sought to subject others to it, of whom you were only one.

Now I thank the Lord for all the experiences, both the good and the bad. And I've no intentions of sweeping any of it under the rug. I am stronger now for the past.

Yours, In His Grace,
Reply Sue & Ken Smith
9:29 PM on May 1, 2009 
Aloha Teri,
35 year old memory in not always objective so please forgive me if your mermory is better than mine about Joy and the special issues you had with the Pilgrims. I also have a cart full of my own but seems best to forget those things which are past and press on to the high calling of the mark that is in Christ Jesus. Of course there is always the option of Matt.18:15. But I am personally very sorry that the Pilgrims were part of the problem with you your spiritual growth instead of part of the cure. That was certainly not my personal intention. I do accept the responsibility for what happened in the Pilgrims, the good, the bad and the ugly... Note too much written about how to be spritually correct in what we were doing. And looking back I can see much that could have been done much better than we did. But Our Father blessed our immaturity and personally I feel blessed to have been there and to have known you.
Yours, in His great love and wonderful mercy, Ken
Reply Teri King
7:56 PM on May 1, 2009 
Joy Dawson was also positive for Shepherding in YWAM..vBut the bottom line is that it prevented the sensitive from hearing the Holy SpiritIt is never the place of the Elders of the Church of Jesus Christ to TAKE authority on any level. This becomes manipulation.
Reply Sue & Ken Smith
7:28 PM on April 29, 2009 
Actually, what I remember, is that I met Bob Mumford and the Holy Spirit Teaching Mission alonge with Dennis Peacock and Richard Paradise. Brent Brody went to Santa Rosa and Ricard Parridise came to Kona for a month and that was the heart of their teaching. Joy Dawson was also positive for Shepherding in YWAM.. So the movement was not just in the Pilgrims, it was everywhere. And much of it seemed fitting with the nature of the ex-hippies that were being sent to us by the Holy Spirit. But the bottom line is that it prevented the sensitive from hearing the Holy Spirit and the rebellious did not listen to anyone. anyway.

As for my part, againl, I deeply apologize to those sensitive souls that came under the yoke of misplaced obedience. It was not needed, was ineffective and kept the sensitive from hearing the voice of the good shepherd. As to those who marched to their own drummer, I am not sure that the shepherding movement had any painful effect. More than likely they have hit walls all by themselves on their own time. I could name a few who were never obedient to anyone including the Holy Spirit about anything. Some have done great anyway and some have reverted back into the world.

As I look back on all of the good scriptures badly used in the Shepherding Movement it seems that it is up to the diciple in training to come into obedience to the Holy Spirit and God's anointed elders as unto the Lord by desire. It is never the place of the Elders of the Church of Jesus Christ to TAKE authority on any level. This becomes manipulation. It is like the marriage verses for a husband are for the husband and the verses for the wife are up to the wife to find comfort in being obedient. It is not up to the husband to be quoting wife verses to his wife. That is between her and the Holy Spirit. The whole Church of Jesus Christ is under volentary obedience. Our Lord tells us, "If you love me, keep my commandments." Love is the highest kind of faith. Love can only be valid in complete free will. Godly obedience must come also out of vision and free will. for the Kingdom of God as supported by Holy Scripture. So much happened in that decade with the Pilgrims. Personally, I am very greatful for all who were there. That was as close as I have ever been to experiencing a New Testament, Acts 5:16 church. I have never again felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as I did in those days with you guys being fitly joined and compacted to the extent that we did. I have never experience the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit as during those day.
So my eternal Blessings to all of you who made it possible.
Yours, in His great love and wonderful mercy. Ken
Reply Teri King
5:12 PM on April 29, 2009 
?Sure, be very happy to subjectively lay out the Good, Bad and ugly of the Pilgrims for edification, exhortation and comfort but my what a pile of e-mail that would be.. It seems, as the buck stops with me, that you are looking for some understanding and repentance.?

Ken, thanks for the lengthy reply. That was nice of you. There was a lot of damage done to quite a few people from the Shepherding Movement you were involved in. There have been enough years of searching through Scriptures and knee worn prayers that God has given me understanding and healing for my needs. But as far as repentance, I suspect that you may need to repent for your involvement more than I need to hear it from you.

?Sorry to say, it was a lot worse in many other ministries including YWAM.?

Ken, YWAM?s errors never came close to equaling the damage done through the Shepherding Movement. The really sad thing is that the same old Shepherding Movement faulty thinking is still doing it?s damage in the body of Christ. They?ve just coined a new Christianeze term for it.
Reply [email protected]
10:18 AM on April 28, 2009 
Dear Ken and, Sue(sorry about writting Ann last time). Obviously I am so heavenly minded I am no earthly good at times, because in heaven we are not married anymore. Anyway Ken I will be sending a money order to Trinity for at least 6 books to start of with. I am certain to love what you have written, and believe it will be fruitfull to those I am led to give it to. Once again thank you.
For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, whitch you have shewed toward His name in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister. Thank you Ken and Sue. Stan and Susan Wiarda.