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How to become a member.


First of all, know that you do not have to "Register or Join in" to see the content of the Tradewinds web site.


·                     In the right pane, in red ink, is: Sign in or Register

·                     If you are new member choose: Register

·                     Fill out the form and do not omit the field "your Display name" , otherwise your profile name will be your E-mail address by default.

·                   Click on Sign up button. This will take you to E-mail confirmation page.

·                    It reads: "Confirmation has been sent to your E-mail box"

·                    Go to your E-mail and confirm valid address by clicking on the link in blue: "Yes, I'd like to join this site"

·                     This will take you back to Tradewinds page to fill out your profile. First thing is to make sure your name shows up in the first box on top. If not, enter your name again and scroll down to click on Submit button to save changes. That is all.


*If you have more time and you feel like it, go ahead and fill out the rest of your  profile starting with your profile picture by choosing "Browse" button and then "Upload" button.

·                    Everytime you make changes in your profile you must scroll down to save your changes with Submit button.

·                    You can update your profile at anytime by clicking on Edit Profile in the top of right hand pane.


How to delete your account


·                    Sign in with your user name and password

·                    Click on Edit Profile

·                    Choose the second TAB on top "Edit Account"

·                    Click on the small red circle with minus sign in it, at the lower right

·                    Confirm to cancel your membership